Over the years the Resident Action Group has, independently and in partnership, achieved a vast number of outcomes benefitting the Heritage Precinct and Community Amenity. The following is a small selection typifying these outcomes.

  • Argyle House – started in the 1960s housing a small number of aged or invalided pensioners.
  • Establishing Darling House, a community operated aged care hostel – first conceptualised in 1972, opened 1994.
  • Saving the boarding houses. Seven successful court cases achieved 20 year leases. Landlady’s Battle 1982-1987.
  • Inclusion of The Paddock Park in the Walsh Bay plan. Also protection of the weighbridge and the Parbury Lane Park concept.
  • Siting of the Towns Place sandstone building. The Maritime Services Board (MSB) agreed to shift the building to the present site.
  • Saving the sandstone buildings associated with the Esso site in Kent Street. These were to be demolished to provide above ground parking.
  • Argyle Annual Celebrations – 1969 to 1979 – provided funds for Sydney Hospital, the Millers Point Activity Centre and the Actors Benevolent Fund.
  • Formation of the local junior tennis club, including the special children’s tennis project.
  • Integration with new precinct residents, particularly from the Kent Street apartments and Walsh Bay, into the established community.
  • Successfully opposed development on Hickson Road Old Gas Works site that grossly exceeded the LEP envelope
  • Achieving the Estate Advisory Board in Millers Point through representations to Director General, Department of Housing
  • Return of the historic Pissoire in George Street – partly funded by the Argyle Annual Celebrations Committee.
  • Development of Merriman Street Park – the result of negotiation with the MSB.
  • Community care, assisting individuals with personal problems and providing information.
  • Fundraising for Darling House and the Junior Tennis Club (in conjunction with local businesses and community members).
  • Successfully opposing  the renaming of Millers Point and Dawes Point to West Rocks.
  • Ongoing cooperation and consultation with regard to community and precinct issues, and area events, with: City of Sydney, Department of Housing, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, The Rocks Police, Road and Maritime Services, Barangaroo Delivery Authority, and NSW Department of Planning.

    Hanging Banners During the Landlady’s Battle c1982
    Image by courtesy of Geraldine Thomas